What Would You Be?

What a wonderful Saturday. These books three, the teacup, and
The Monkees.
Picture by Yours Truly

If you were any inanimate object what would you be? Why? Please do tell me!

I’d be a TEACUP — see.

Why? Because…

I’m tiny, a little fancy, and I dare you not to like me!!!

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    1. BAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, thank you! FAN-TASTIC response! Though, I should expect nothing less from you. 😏 Do you hear my laughter and feel my smile from wherever it is that you are? You just got 100 extra cool points for making me smile and laugh like that! Another 100 points for using the word: Axiomatic. Brilliant 😉

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  1. 💜 I’d Be a Clock, Tick-Tock-Tocking, Tormenting YOU!!! with the Passage of Time; the Time that is An Illusion that We, Erroneously, THINK!!! is Important


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  2. I’d be a crystal which I believe is animate as the Japanese philosophy goes {believing all has a Spirit} and enhance other soul’s lives. 🙏🏻♥️

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  3. Coffee.. I’m strong, hot, earthy. But I’m plain. No sugar or cream. I’m straight. Not a lot of people like that. I’m an acquired taste.

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      1. You know Eleanor, I have deliberately chosen to live very simple because of working as a volunteer for charities. I have always managed to find comfortable but very low cost accommodation that is already furnished, and make sure I keep my possessions to a minimum – but if there is one inanimate object I dream of owning, preferably building from scratch, it is a sailing boat, like a beautiful sleek yacht. It’s just a dream for now. But once the world is cleaned up, maybe I will have the time to indulge some of my dreams!!

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      2. What an amazing approach to life, beautiful. Truly. I have never had the pleasure of the experience but I can imagine that it is freeing. What an even more amazing dream! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for us both…I think it’s high time we all get back the opportunity to indulge in some of our dreams!!!

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      3. I was sixteen when I walked onto my first charity project, and I knew what I wanted to do from then on!! I learnt from working with and getting to know thousands of other volunteers over the years how to live simply and enjoy life. It’s hard to imagine any other way now. But yes…I dream of sailing around the world and studying marine life. But first….we need to clean up the oceans. You can’t enjoy the study of marine life if they are all choking on plastic!! Nor can you set sail for adventure when you know people are unable to sleep because of the gnawing pain from hunger. I love the balance in life that volunteering has brought – always giving, and always feeling as if you are enriched and blessed by the people you meet and the love you see.

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