Dedicated to My Compass
Bao Q. Pham

Bright Blues staring up at you

Raven hair curled with tragic magic

There is a beautiful tragedy about me

So… What would you like to know?

What else do you want to see?

What more would you like to hear?

That I believe in the beauty of broken things

The sadness behind my eyes

The despair I disguise in my voice

The pain I hide behind my smile

Yes, it’s true. I have a certain kind of “hello” when I say it to you

I am no longer forced to pretend or do the work of concealment

Now rolling in the Eden of my dreams

Floating among whispy clouds of Peace

Despite my many shortcomings —

Here — In my Eden

I am finally free!

Free to be the REAL me!

The best part is, you’re in my Eden with me


  1. Yes, this is certainly a wonderful surprise, Eleanor. I miss receiving your pieces. I told myself that I would hear from you in due course and that time would be the right time. Now that I have heard from you, it’s as if it was only yesterday that I read your latest. Thank you for popping in, https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=you+are+loved+josh+groban&view=detail&mid=FF2169623C1902D71ED5FF2169623C1902D71ED5&FORM=VIRE
    Especially for you today.

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  2. long lost
    quite the cost
    time not yours nor mine
    fine but you get no mulligans
    eleanor s dream
    not what it did seem
    twas at first fr mccartney
    but sir paul
    heard too the call
    and the like
    welcome back
    missed but
    what can i say either tomorrow or today
    please do not be long away

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