Never Be, My Love

I remember you looking down at me as you kissed me on my head

I thought we’d be together forever, just like we planned

I’ve lost count of how many times I wished I could see you —

One. Last. Time.

But that will never be

Like you and me

We will never be, my love.


  1. “They lay together in the warmth of their spooned embrace; breathing slowly now, the embers of passion subsiding, she smiled with closed eyes as he held her breast. Together they drifted to a cosy misty place of sleep. He wanted to remember that moment forever, even in the torment of her giving herself to another; yearning to see her just one more time. Wisdom visited him in a dream one night, she warned that should his wish be granted, his best memory would be traded for his worst. The day came when his wish was granted and he gazed at her, beautiful, happy, in the arms of another. He looked at her with grief in his heart. She turned briefly, looking into his eyes with no recognition of who he was; she lifted her face and kissed the man who embraced her. At that moment, his wish, his dream, had turned into a pillar of salt!”

    In our lives, there is only one reality, an opportunity for love, peace, joy – this moment now; for yesterday does not matter and tomorrow does not exist. Blessings Peter.

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