About Me

Eleanor Lorene Lowe

I am the Master of my Fate. I am the Captain of my Soul.

Invictus, William Ernest Henley

I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Central Oklahoma, where I majored in Philosophy with an emphasis on ethics and minors in Political Science and Criminal Justice.

My life thus far has been rather unconventional but rewarding. Immediately following high school I entered the workforce; after an eight year corporate career in the oil and gas industry I decided to go back to school full-time. Philosophy helped me flourish as a writer and when coupled with my other experiences it created quite a formidable gift.

As a former Oklahoma State Capitol Reporter and Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) I have developed a unique skill set that ranges from academic writing to public policy reviews and case briefs. Over the past few years, my interests in philosophy, law, and legislation have dominated my body of work. However, I have recently found myself indulging in composing more short stories, poetry, and continuing my work on a possible novel. For me, writing has always been a passion project and form of therapy I consider to be very cathartic. The late Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg said it well, “Words matter.” Truer words were never spoken.

Words have the power to touch a soul, inspire confidence, or mend a broken heart. I hope you enjoy my posts. Please feel free to contact me at my email below. Happy reading!!!


  1. i dont know if you know who Bud Welch is. his daughter died in the 1995 domestic terror bombing Okc. he did not want vengence. it was an experience i will never forget. this gentle man talking about his child and how we must strive to end the violence and intolerance.

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  2. It was his only child. Julie Marie was 23. He started something that sparked all kinds of shock. The Forgiveness Project. He’s most well known for publicly announcing a year before the execution of McVeigh that he forgave him. He changed his stance on the death penalty.


  3. bounce .. expectations. rock the nations. xmas muzak . nuns singing jingle bells. the one and only would not leave me too so lonely. see what a fantastic muse ur? eleanor s dream not what it may seem.

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