Violent Ends

For those souls who feel lost, alone, angry, depressed — whatever you may feel, know that you do not have to be fated for a violent end.

Teardrops fall like a whisper

Emotional rocks


Raging ripples grow

Until they vanish — lost


Counting misses

Regretting the race I ran


There is no exemption from pain

No reprieve from grief


I have not the will to stand

I have not the state of mind to think

I have not the heart to beat


Pray tell… What then?

A violent struggle

Meets a violent end


  1. 💜 USE (Ultra Sensitive Empath) someone who KNOWS!!! beyond Constricting, Conventional Education; ergo Exist, Experiment, Experience and FUCKING WELL LEARN!!! or Grow Grumpy and Old then Die a Slow and Miserable Death Mourned by Few and Celebrated 🍾 by Many



  2. I like this poem in its joie de vivre. Indeed, now what. This is a puzzle because I’ve written some poetry in a similar style to this, but lately I’ve been rejecting mine. I’ve done tears on the rocks and ripples and tickles, but sometimes it’s all a little too vague without enough details to grasp a raison d’être — it’s like trying to rebuild a house without knowing anything about cement or bricks or how to lay them down in the right order. Some people don’t know how to rebuild or build in the first place, or how to find and finance a bricklayer and his minions and bosses and friends. So, sometimes metaphors get out of control with their vagueness. On the other hand, narrative poetry has its problems. I’ve been through my first 400 poems that I’ve edited and not erased (and many more torn up). Along the way, there have been very few comments, and it’s gotten worse (maybe it’s something about the updates).

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