Violent Ends

For those souls who feel lost, alone, angry, depressed — whatever you may feel, know that you do not have to be fated for a violent end.

Teardrops fall like a whisper

Emotional rocks


Raging ripples grow

Until they vanish — lost


Counting misses

Regretting the race I ran


There is no exemption from pain

No reprieve from grief


I have not the will to stand

I have not the state of mind to think

I have not the heart to beat


Pray tell… What then?

A violent struggle

Meets a violent end


  1. 💜 USE (Ultra Sensitive Empath) someone who KNOWS!!! beyond Constricting, Conventional Education; ergo Exist, Experiment, Experience and FUCKING WELL LEARN!!! or Grow Grumpy and Old then Die a Slow and Miserable Death Mourned by Few and Celebrated 🍾 by Many



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