1. It’s a treat to get a peek into your professional and academic life! I suppose that your interest in philosophy intertwines quite nicely with law and political science.
    I am wondering if you are also crafty? Your linked about page features an adorable picture of you holding a Gloria Steinem book, but on the wall behind you there are various types of string hanging. The string wall hit my curiosity center to the point where I couldn’t resist asking about it ;).

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    1. Why thank you, hun! Yes, a chose philosophy with the intention of going to law school. That’s a LLLOOONNNG story!

      As you can tell by the look on my face I was awfully excited to get it. Yes, I am, I love arts and crafts. Making flower arrangements, wreaths for the door, painting, sketching, so many other things.

      Although, that’s not my wall. That belongs to one of my favorite places, Commonplace Books 📚 https://www.commonplacebooksokc.com/. Very unique bookstore. They categorize them under things like Dreamer, Poet, Traveler, Philosopher. Cozy place with big comfy sofas, chairs, recliners, rocking chairs too. They recently added on a cafe called The Kitchen. Make one hell of a mimosa! Could stay there all day. You’ve got everything you need, coffee, tea, food, cocktails. Old school too, they wrap your purchases in brown paper and twine like they did back in the day!!! There’s an even better one called FullCircle Bookstore, has a better cafe (more variety and more pastries, chocolate covered strawberry mice, gelato!) it has see through fireplaces. Sets of three old movie theatre seats, pretty leather chairs and wooden benches throughout. Here’s the BEST part! Beauty and the Beast like ladders everywhere. It’s big but incredibly homey.

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      1. Ha, that’s really funny. I just thought you had the coolest kitchen in the world. Including the fridge. I was like “damn, that lady knows how to pick a fridge, she really is an “old soul,” looks like 1950’s fridge. I liked the pearl buffalo at the second store.

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    1. BAHAHAHA!!! Why, thank you! You are too kind! 😊
      I appreciate you taking the time to read my work and to offer such kind compliments. Awfully sweet of you! 🥰 Thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️


  2. Hello Eleanor. Thank you for the like and follow, much appreciated. I have reciprocated, not out of politeness, but out of interest in your funky ‘i’l’ site. Fun, lively, interesting!. My wish is that you will not remain ‘an aspiring writer’, but become a best-selling author. Well done and keep up the excellent productions.

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    1. Hello there. Thank you. Oh, I cannot tell you what your kind words mean to me! You made my day. Truly. Your support and encouragement — your wish…above all. My heart is leaping for joy, I am in awe, and no one could take this BIG smile off my face! I appreciate you, SirPeterJames!


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