Fear and Trembling

Work it out

Work out your life with fear and trembling

Believe you are more

You are not inconsequential

Trust yourself when you fly

Know you are your greatest ally

Don’t dwell in your despair

Change — with fear and trembling

Think — with fear and trembling

Power is on your horizon

Object to the lies

Take the right action

Remove yourself from the faction

Grasp the Power that comes


  1. ‘The youth stared at the giant, he was ten feet in height and seemed as broad. His armor glistened in the sunlight, his shield held high in arrogance and scorn. His spear was the size of a man’s arm.
    The puny, inferior, small, and insignificant youth before him wore no armor, no shield or spear. A slingshot and twelve stones in a pouch were his only weapons. A great big giant and five hundred warriors stood before him. They jeered at the slight youth and mocked the quivering army behind him.
    The youth reached into his pouch and placed a stone in the sling. He raised his eyes to the giant and addressed him,” Today you will die and your army be defeated, the giant and his army roared with laughter. As the youth swung his slingshot, there was a deathly silence. The stone struck a fatal blow and the giant crashed to the ground dead! His army with a single gutteral utter, ‘Aaargh.’ surged backward, fearful of the tiny youth. That was the day of death for the giant, a victory for the army behind the youth.’

    ‘Grasp the power when it comes, for power is always with you, just waiting to be used.’ Blessings, Peter.


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