Christmas Grace Pt. 1

How am I doing?

Staying stubborn

How am I really doing?


Trying to catch myself falling

Keeping it together sure is exhausting

I’m holding myself together with tape and glue


Not sure who these tears belong to…

Another year around the sun

Hate to say it, but it wasn’t fun


Every night I pray

Dear God, just let me be okay

Get through this Christmas without having to cry every day


Too proud to say this to anyone’s face

Attempting to get through this year with some GRACE.


    1. Wow, Sandra, I am sorry for your loss. The sadness just kinda looms over the whole affair, doesn’t it? I get it. I wear one of my Papa’s flannel shirts around the house when I have really hard days. I hope you do something that comforts you. I tend to forget to comfort myself.

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  1. where to be a mystery as per neil anywhere but here
    cold fire the cut
    and it is tight
    alright the critics asked what were they thinking
    he was linking his love for her
    but she passed and so too did his daughter
    we are not as we otter
    play glee
    childlike not ish

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