Moon Tides

My muse sails with many sailors

Much like when we sail our ship

Guiding one another through the blue and black skies of life

Navigating by the stars

Calculating latitudes with your golden astrolabe

Your trusty compass always at your side, a gift, Christmas 1855

Engraved: Time is but a twinkling of an eye in eternity.


The duality of us all is a wondrous thing

For I am the stars and you are the moon, my mariner muse

I feel him every night, the pull of the moon shining bright

Controlling the tides, high and low, day and night

You travel the seas, all over the world, a constant for them, for me

As I, a constant for you, your North Star shining the brightest of all

I pray β€” ignore any siren’s call


If I yearn for you I look up at the night sky

You are always there glowing, my moon, my mariner muse

As I am always in the stars for you

We shall never fear of you losing your way

We shall guide and comfort each other every day

Till you find your way back to me

Till I get you back from the sea.


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