Faux Christmas Pt. 2

When there’s nothing, it’s hard to pretend to have fun. Making cocoa or cider for one.

XOXO, Eleanor

It hurts —

It hurts to hear Christmas songs sometimes

It hurts to see the Christmas cards not coming to you

Some things require another individual or two

The music, the families, the presents

The traditions that can’t be uphold

I know, I’m messed up, lost, and it kills me


All I have are the memories

Beautiful but — but they are done

When there’s nothing, it’s hard to pretend to have fun

Making cocoa or cider for one

Pretending is fine, until they catch on

Then, all the questions come, enough to come undone

Alone —


I hold an electric soul

Some Advice: Do not approach too fast

Or you won’t last

Proceed with caution

And don’t get any notions


What a traitor I am. I have 2 Christmas trees and decorations galore

Like a foolish girl I try to fill an unfillable void

Don’t want what it was like before

I want my own — my own, all I have is a faux Christmas

I detest this

The fact that it is what it is and probably will never be

Again. Back to square 1.

It hurts —

It hurts, it hurts…


  1. The season that is supposed to be happy is such a pain. Hold on to what you got. Your blessings might not seem to outnumber your afflictions, but you are a blessing.

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  2. I am not keen on this time of year because it is so commercial and results in so much waste. I do love having time away from work and seeing my family. The big event for us each year is a summer party (which we could not have over the past two years) where all 200-ish of us get to have a family get together which is a cross between a sports day and a big picnic. It is fun.

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  3. Sending you lots of love and warm hugs, Eleanor! And let’s not forget the cider, although I’ve never tried one but I’d definitely love to. Hope you’re doing good!

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