How could I have loved you?

Why did I let you waste my time?


Got me talking in my sleep

Can’t eat

Won’t dream, just

Nightmares — I’m screaming


Making me doubt

Second guessing

A never ending cycle

Headaches — from overthinking


I came alive

Then, you undercut me

Laid me out

Stars — all I’m seeing


Your empty promises wound me

Can’t help yourself

Can you?

Intentions — yours are never honorable


Breaking me

You are nothing but an illusion

Something I thought I wanted

REVELATION — mine came far too late!


  1. The Apocalypse of Eleanor. You can certainly write one that is worthy of the oppressed, the abused and the broken, giving them hope for the future.

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    1. You are too kind, Timothy! Thank you so much. Sometimes it is challenging to write for those people you mentioned, even moreso a self-imposed challenge to “write for all.” I try my best to write cautiously when it comes to these topics but there are a lot of little things I do or don’t do in order to reach more people. Hey, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t do things the hard way. 😉

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      1. You have a lot of challenges trying to write for a normal audience to raise awareness and a specific audience who needs your help.

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  3. 💜 Don’t forget The Mirror SupaSoulSis; it Takes Two To Tango…so I Suggest Set Boundaries and Assert Them if YOU!!! CHOOSE!!! to Couple 💑 Up; instead of Assuming The Other To Be “Honourable” in The Same Way YOU!!! ARE then becoming Resentful…because ‘Honour’ Slayings ARE a Blight on This Planet and Many Others like Those of The Klingon Empire; regardless of whether The Slaying is The Death of The Physical Body or Character Assassination


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  4. You know what, my friend, it’s very rare that the oppressed and abused can be so powerful and intimidating. I love the spirit with which this poem is written. Could actually “feel” the last few lines in my skin. Very intense. Searing piece, very clearly, a result of searing experiences….

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with me, it’s moments like these, comments like these that help a writer grow. Yes, from a searing experience and not one I ever want to experience again. I am glad though I can write about it now.

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  5. Whatever you write, no matter from experience or other, you stimulate thought and you generate interest. Your style is unique and intriguing. Has many guessing, yet in the end, no one knows but you. It is only you that cuts the cloth of your success. I’m charmed – you done it again! Thank you Eleanor, Peter

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