Label Maker

Small Town Girl

Take a shot

In the velvet night

Nerdy Beauty Queen

Smile and wave

It’s your own mind you must save

Sweet Southern Belle

Sing like you do

To a melody all your own

Warm Old Soul

Bear all

But guard your heart well 

Tiny Little Dancer

Twirl on

Your thoughts are where you’ll get your start

Strong Savvy Survivor

Remain an Iron Clad Lily

Unwavering strength

You saved yourself


Congratulations, the world is yours

What will you do with it?

What will you move towards?


  1. So many roles to fulfill. Like a calliope of sweet sounds transforming into a kaleidoscope of colorful characters, shapeshifting from one nerdy beauty queen, to another sweet southern belle, to a warm old soul releasing a tiny little dancer whose lily is iron clad, only beauty to behold.

    Do you remember Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”?


  2. Did you see my DiosRaw, my dear sister Eleanor, the beautiful Lilly?Did you hear your friend’s melody by any chance? Didn’t your friend tell you where he is going? We were on the moon playing with the stars but he vanished without telling me. He made pinky promise that he will never leave me. But he left me to dwell in his thoughts through yugas. Please have a heart and help me my sis. Won’t you?


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