Sugared Secrets of a Scribbler

Haunted in your final hours by

Sugared secrets

Sacred and difficult to find


A pretty little liar — sprinkling your sugar coated lies

Sauntering sweetly — as your words would flow

Sugary smug — plucking my heart strings so neatly


STOP! No more! Put your lies down.

Surreal surrendering —

Slowly discovering many imitations of art

Ah, so, this is where your Sugared Secrets got their start!

By all means emulate, Scribbler.

But it’s your job to create

Original pieces of YOUR creation

If you have chosen this noble vocation

Do not shame it by the reconstruction of others’ pieces!

Do not make feeble attempts to pass them off as your own!

True artists see right through, these actions they will not condone!


  1. Very powerful words my dear Eleanor. It’s a shame that many doesn’t follow the writing ethics. On the other hand inspiration reflects on our writings, isn’t it? So I have given up my effort in finding originality on my reads cause most concepts are copied.

    Btw, is your friend alright? Please advice him to be kind to me.

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  2. A pretty little liar scribbling away? Can we really write an original piece? Scribble down an original thought? Off the billions and billions of words that have been scratched on rocks, carved in tablets, painted on walls, inked on papyrus, vellum and trees. Finally scribbled on pages, pressed into books. Uncountable, like the stars, all those words and thoughts scribbled on so many surfaces through the ages. Hasn’t someone, or many had the same thoughts, the same scribbles and you, me and all the other scribblers among the quick and the dead?

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    1. I’m not saying their not the same or similar I’m saying from an ethical standpoint straight up copying and pasting someone’s work is wrong. It’s an affront to writers every in any era. What is plagiarizing? Is it not also a form of stealing?

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      1. Oh yeah. I get that. There should be an 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt no Plagiarize”. But you got me thinking about the bigger question of originality in the realm of scribbling.

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  3. There is an ancient word of wisdom: ‘Cast your bread upon the waters and after many days it will return to you…’ Eleanor, you have a talent that is and will continue to, bring you returns of success. There will be many that will eat gratefully from the bread of your talents. Others will eat your bread and then take more than their need and sell the rest in the marketplace. One thing that they can never steal is your giving and the subsequent rewards of your giving, that is theft-proof. Do not let thieves rob the joy you receive from your powerful gift of creativity. For what they steal, will never prosper them. ‘Confortare Numquam.’ Blessings, Peter.

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