My Entry in My First Bloggers’ Bakeoff

I was asked to share my favorite love song along with my entry. I’d love to share my sweets and song with you. Enjoy my baked goods and tunes! 😉 Thank y’all for continuing to read and comment! Drum Roll, please…click away ~ TADA! I’ll be adding this to My Blog Soundtrack: Songs I Write to Page. I’m planning to do a feature on a song just for the page. Stay tuned, Ladies and Gentlemen. Sam is the best…I leave your ears with his capable and talented vocals.


  1. Yay!! We loved your baking, we loved the song you chose, we loved our lovely reply to the question what does love mean to you? Thank you so much for all of the joy you brought to the BAKE OFF!


  2. That is a beautiful cake. Too bad we cant have it or eat it too. “Let us eat cake!” Marie Antoinette didn’t say that one either.


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