Three Minutes and a Bat

Save your vengeance.

Hard as it may be.

How hopelessly unchristian of me

To think such a dastardly deed.

Sinful! Yes. I know!


Oh, but please… Just give me three minutes and a bat with the bastard who did all this to me and obliterated the family that we used to be!

I’d be hard pressed to find someone to disagree or at the very least someone who does not sympathize with me.

Because what you did was despicable in any world. SEE.


It’s impossible to deny, so don’t even try!

Three minutes and a bat

Is all I’d need to return the favor

Reciprocate the pain YOU inflicted

On her, on us, on me


But, guess what? THAT will NEVER happen.

As much as I want to pummel your pathetic ass, I won’t degrade myself by stooping to your level

There are worse things in store for you

Eventually —

The old sayings

What goes around comes around and you reap what you sow

Will greet you with their own vengeance at your front door.


      1. thank the spirit wafting on the wind. it is free and not of me. btw walking pays off. whilst traipsing those eight miles someone left $121 on the sidewalk . whopee! here s to you Eleanor~!

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      1. I noticed I wrote “teem” years instead of “teen” years. My typing has really tanked with my numb fingertips. Most of the phone calls I get at the office are from people with strong foreign accents who ask for “Teem”. They are trying to sell me phone systems or computer support, neither of which I need. Our office manager has started calling me Teem because of all the calls.

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