Misfit Toys ~ Christmas Pt. 3

The Island of Misfit Toys allows us to imagine that maybe our flaws are actually just uniqueness misunderstood.

Band aids and boo boos not kissed

Toys with no owners that won’t be missed

Definitely not on anyone’s Christmas lists!

How could you not be happy 

With a dolly for Sue

A scooter for Jimmy

A pink fire truck too?

Maybe I’d understand if it was

An airplane that can’t fly or

A boat that can’t stay afloat

Now, that’s just a cruel joke!

Do what you are for, they say. But —

What if you don’t know how to be that way?

Nothing is quite right with things like

A water pistol that squirts jelly or a winged bear

Too different, types that get a good long stare

Lonely and without friends

You’ve become the spotted elephant

No one wants to play with you

You’ve tried to change but you know it’s true

We all have been on the Island of Misfit toys!

We have all felt like this at some point too!


  1. I started a comment that I thought was meaningful, but Laurie interrupted me so many times asking my thoughts about queer Beowulf, that my meaningful comment was making no sense whatsoever. I think we share a commonality in being misfits. I have met “normal” people who try to be weird, but they have no clue what’s it’s really like to be weird and a misfit — the spurning, teasing, bullying growing up, the loneliness of having few friends. As an adult, I can count on one hand the real, in-person friends I have. Years go by between the times I see any of those friends. I went to lunch with a friend two weeks ago. 2015 was the last time we had lunch together. But on the other side, I don’t really have any clue of what it’s like to be “normal”.

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    1. Aaaahhh, well interruptions are a bummer but I agree with you. We must certainly do share this commonality. You described it so well. A misfit is definitely unable to be anything close to “normal” and I think it’s a distinct designation.

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      1. As you get older, being a misfit is easier to deal with. It’s like the old cliché “Been there. Done that!” “So leave me be Sam I am…” I’ll always be green eggs and ham!

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