Inside God’s Mind

Written from the recollection of a sweet memory chasing a Colorado rainbow after an afternoon rainstorm with my Papa and Grandma Lowe. Precious — for such memories are few.

When I see a butterfly flutter

When I hear the buzzing of honey bees

When the wind moves through trees

Wafting the fragrance of sweet roses my way


I smile and stare up at the sky

Watching the clouds fly

I think of you under the sun shining bright

Filling me with unparalleled delight


Witnessing your majesty

Oh, what beauty!

Taking in all the sights

Taking my breath away

Making me want to stay

Here — inside a part of God’s mind


The leaves crunching underneath our feet 

So quiet — we can hear our hearts beat

As we smile and take our seat

At a bench by the river, our favorite spot

We go to sit and talk


I forget this world — for once

After an afternoon rainstorm

Because I see God

In the summer steam coming off the sidewalk

I see God in the rainbow

In the Rocky Mountains of Colorado


    1. Why thank you! Oh, that sounds beautiful. Our zoo has a butterfly house as well. It is always a highlight of any trip. Though, it has been a while. Butterflies have a special place in my heart. Stunning little creatures, indeed! 😉

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  1. Aaaah, Eleanor, you are flying! The God of the universe is delighted to fill you with the glorious works of His being. He anointed you to write these magnificent words. I am most grateful you responded to His prompting, Wrote, and shared with us. You are a blessing!

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