Once Upon a Storybook

Our bodies are dust covers

Concealing what lies beneath

Each one special —distinct


Some thicker than others

A few come in a series

A story, an epic — unknown


Crack open your book to start an adventure

Travel to a distant land

Walk on beaches with hot white sand


Laugh, scream, cry along

Then, curl up — to read it again

Each page shows a different view


Taking you to a world far away

Magic in the words — every day

What a precious way to repay


Repay and honor a past you lived

Reading a life upon pages

Telling a story for the ages


  1. Such enchantment! I was transported to Mahe, a tropical Island washed by the warm Indian Ocean. I was there under a clear azure blue sky, a cool ocean breeze caressing my body. The hot white sands tingle my soles. Fond memories of a glorious time spent there some years ago. Your words took me back. You have a gift of extraordinary proportions Eleanor- thank you.
    Blessings upon your day.

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