Never let the fear that creates your anxieties rob you of any experience or steal any opportunity for it may very well be one of the most exceptional and rewarding experiences or opportunities in your life.

โ€” XOXO, Eleanor

Symptoms, Reasons and Treatments for School Refusal - Sage Day

Itโ€™s easy to say, isnโ€™t it? Hard to do. Fear is a powerful element. Fear is an emotional burglar that does rob you, steal from you, and violate you. Fear can dictate the choices you make and the ones you don’t! It’s a force that creates anxieties like doubt, physical trepidations, lack of sleep, hesitation, anger, among many other things. I’ve had a great deal of experience with this foe we call Fear and it can be daunting, I know. So, here’s a bit of what I learned at the top and below:

Don’t let Fear run your life, make your decisions, or hold you back! Don’t let it take anything away from you. Don’t let Fear win! Fight it, because YOU and your dreams are bigger than Fear!


  1. There is sensible, natural fear which helps us from doing stupid things. Lack of that fear is dangerous. When I was a teenager, I had little fear of doing crazy things on motorcycles, exploring abandoned mines, and ignoring La Llorona and the “Ditches are Deadly” slogan. I’m damn lucky I lived to become an adult.

    But the fear you have had to deal with is traumatic and can be all consuming fear, which really takes it’s toll. Your advice is sound and I’m happy you can face those fears and move ahead. No one needs to deal with the fear you have faced.

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    1. I just had a feeling you were a little daredevil growing up. Of course!

      Thank you, Timothy! You’re right it can be all consuming and make you feel like you’re drowning and falling out of the sky simultaneously. Nevertheless, I Persisted. HA! It’s true. Just have to keep pushing through and running forward.

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      1. I never broke any bones, but I got my hand ran over when I crashed in a race, and it split the skin between my fingers. That was a mess. My right calf got cut to the bone. The doctors were really worried about infection before it could heal. They said I could lose my lower leg. And I’m really surprised I survived crashing on the way down from an Evel Knievel like jump.

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      2. No bungee jumping or skydiving. I would have liked to sky dive. By the time bungee jumping was popular I got a little more sense about me. Although I have had some high speed crashes bicycle racing. One time crashed in a corner in a criterium. I went sliding across the pavement and got a lot of road rash on my right side. I got up all bloodied and a cop who was clocking the racers’ speeds at the corner came running over all excited to show me his radar gun. I was going 35 mph when I crashed. I was very appreciative of his excitement as you can imagine.

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  2. Yes, yes, yes! You’re on the money; your light shines bold knight, and you are one of us.
    “It were a sorry sight and I did face the demons before me as many lay slaughtered by my side. “Non timeo”, I cried, whilst the beating of my heart was likened unto a drum. My trusty sword did send many of the demons to the nether world that day, as did those of my fellow knights stood beside me. We quaffed many an ale in celebration on that eve; the defeated demons of fear cried out in their hell as we rejoiced and gave thanksgiving in our victory.” -Tales of The Bold Knight-

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  3. Fear and Doubt usually hang out together and compel one of two actions, to fight or flight. I choose to let love and courage be my companions. When the two bullies show up to intimidate me, the dynamic due step in and turn the table until fear and doubt turn on each other and quickly run away!

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