Your Book

I am not just another girl
I'm the kind that makes you think twice
Look left, look right, then back thrice

I don't want to be a mere chapter you read
I want to be the whole book, the title, 
dedication, and every page thereafter.

Promise — I'm worth it
I have a spirit that doesn't know how to quit
Let me show you bit by bit
Page by page, flip and engage
Slowly read my words knowing every single one
is meant for you.
Do you feel it too?
The feeling that every chapter holds something
Something New — Beautiful — True?

Write in my margins
Share your thoughts with me
Do not be afraid, love.
I'm right here on the pages with you.

Stroke my binding — handle with care
Because there are special secrets here
You'd never know — gotta open me to see
If you do, I believe you would agree.

I'm not just another girl
Not just another chapter
The Title
The Dedication
Every Page

Today, tomorrow, and till happily ever after!
Recommended books – the other list — Adam Smith Institute


    1. NiyathyDios, I truly appreciate your comment. It is very interesting to read each individual’s take on my work and even more so if it’s directly about me as an individual. I am honored by your words! Thank you so much, my dear friend. XOXO, Eleanor

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      1. No wonder that you are the closest to my Dios, you are too humble just like him. Your poems portray the message in very simple terms that even an illiterate old mother like me can immerse into and capture the essence of your poems. Thanks for that. Hope all good on your side. Please do take care my dear.

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  1. Beautiful texture and metaphors. Well written and delivered.

    As for myself, I’ll settle for being be that one proverbial line near the ending that flip’s the entire misunderstood story upside down long after everyone has foolishly forgotten the book, the author and even the voice of the story itself.

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  2. Myself. I believe nothing as pretty as a girl reading a book. Knowledge of words, great conversation and a powerful mind. Beautiful. Thank you dear Eleanor for sharing the amazing photo and words. I love the books too.

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