Torture Me Free

No device, nor you, can torture me

My soul is free

One thing that is my own, what they can’t take away from me

Mine and mine alone


Beyond this place, beyond this harsh world is something more

Someone like me, somewhere, that no one’s ever seen before



Rack me!

Until my limbs dislocate

Whip me!

Down to the bone

Go ahead, aim at my heart, throw the first stone


I bleed but refuse to be overtaken

Do not be mistaken

I am not afraid of this. I am not afraid of you. It’s true.

YES — it is your character I must impugn!


Can’t fool me — but you sure do make me weary

The lies, the games, and the person you will never be

I know the web you weave

I know the destruction you leave

Most of all, I know the intricate way you like to deceive

So — BELIEVE! Believe you me!


My soul is at peace

Anything you say, anything you do ricochets off my exterior

You can no longer make me feel inferior

Bring it

No one can break my spirit

Nothing can chain my liberty

Bring it on and torture me

Torture me — FREE!

Dale Chihuly Glass


    1. I’ve heard that the largest collection is actually in my home state of Oklahoma! Of all the gin joints… He is a fantastic glassblower! World-class, born and raised in the U.S.A. I think I might do a piece on him! I admire his work so much!

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  1. My dear Eleanor, very intense, pure, strong emotions … I am delighted. PS I no longer see your posts in the reader. That’s why I’ve (unfortunately) missed a few of your great posts the last few days. And I’m just reading them now. I’ll try to stop following, and then follow you again, maybe that will help.

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