From Here to Eternity and Back

Thanks for staying tuned. If you recall, last time my heart was on a silver platter. Not many people get second chances…there are some who don’t get a chance at all!

XOXO, Eleanor
Dale Chihuly Glass

It’s been a while

Hasn’t it?

Ages! Haven’t seen you since —

Well, it feels like forever

Doesn’t it?

Like an eternity, like a purgatory!

Yes, I suppose more the latter for us both.

During this gift of time we were given

I felt it. Did you feel it too?

You helped me picture it…what we could be, what a beautiful view

Silence speaks louder than words

Yet — SILENCE is all I get from you

To be fair, perhaps the silence is hesitancy

Because it’s present here too; the answer isn’t clear to me —

Not yet

I was here, We were there once. Youyou were everywhere.

We fought our way through 6 years of purgatory and back

I prepared, thought of every little thing. Pray tell. What did I lack?

Wasn’t this what we wanted? What we had hoped?

Not many people get second chances

For a few days that flew, we did

We escaped our purgatory —

For WHAT? Why the crickets? Don’t you know?

The crickets are little messengers that hold our return tickets

Tell me. Please. I won’t ask again.

Don’t fret about the pain. We are close enemies.




Not sure what is worse —

Your SILENCE or the INFERNAL sound that fills it!

Dale Chihuly Glass


      1. I borrowed from a Catholic rhyme that was part of what drove Luther more insane than he already was to post his 99 Theses. I also borrowed from an old hymn. So while hardly original, and hardly worthy of your wonderful poem, I was inspired, nonetheless.

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      2. Timothy, it feels so nice to be missed and it feels even better to inspire words. No matter where they come from! However, I love those lil details. Thank you! It is good to read your words again. I hope I didn’t lose a bunch of followers from my impromptu absence.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I doubt you lost any followers. Just worrying about you. I hope other followers were concerned, also. It’s not unusual for people to drop out of the blogosphere for any number of reasons, but these days with all the weirdness in the world, a sudden absence is a lot more to wonder and worry about.

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