Mind Warfare

You pushed her one time too many — but she decided to grow. Pressure makes diamonds. Didn’t you know?

XOXO, Eleanor

I lost this battle but I must continue to fight

Alligators of bitterness snap and bite

Feeling the pangs of red sharp spite

Reminding me of my great defeat

I have grown weary, it’s true, I feel weak

Hoping for the someday when I will have deep peaceful sleep

Hoping for the someday when I will no longer have cause to weep

YOU. My constant crashing conflict.

Unresolved —

I’ve come completely undone.

Your voice echoes deep and rapid like bullets ricocheting off my mind’s walls

Bloody knives in my back — all the punches, kicks, and falls

Cannonballs FLY, CRASH, BOOM!

Leaving in its’ wake dark shadows of dread and doom

My blood and sweat is raining down like my tears

Barely standing — shaking — in a storm filled with fears

Mud slung around as easily as we were flung

Look at the aftermath of your heinous destruction

Soon you will face a new enemy — she is a formidable foe

You pushed her one time too many — but she decided to grow

Pressure makes diamonds. Didn’t you know?

Who is this diamond clad woman with passion in spades?

Don’t recognize her, do you? Watch the memory of that fragile little girl as it fades

She brought her Army in the night, she is ready for another fight

This time — I will take back my power with all my might

I know exactly who I am and my fears have taken flight

Inch by inch — I will gain

Day by day — despite my pain

Until I can say —

I refuse to let you live rent free in my brain!


This Mind is Mine

Please visit my Anthology Page, Injustice: My Bell Jar Diaries to read my ongoing story, currently {1} – {5} and other supporting pieces like this one:



  1. That is one hell of a good shot, Eleanor. Bravo. I can imagine you felt a lot better writing down this marvelous poem. You are putting a good fight like Joan of Arc, but you will burn no more.

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  2. So so very profound, my friend! “You pushed her one time too many — but she decided to grow
    Pressure makes diamonds. Didn’t you know?” Such a powerful line! I hope your mind signs a peace treaty and ends this warfare. Wishing you well! Prayers… 💕🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My Sweet SamSahana, thank you, my friend. I am very glad this resonated with you! How wonderfully put! Yes, I hope there is a peace treaty in my future too! I so appreciate your prayers, that is thoughtful and kind. Sending you all my light and love! Thank you

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  3. “Pressure makes diamonds”
    I loved the way you used the line here. This was a really powerful piece and the use of images makes it even more powerful. I really loved the last stanza, that feeling really resonated with me. It’s never easy to push out the demons, especially when it’s you who’s feeding them. But I hope you get to free yourself and be the best version of you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear AB, Pieces of a Poet, A Poet I know you must be to make such an astute observation of me! Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comments, feedback for writers is a rare thing indeed! You’re right, it’s difficult but I’m up to the challenge. I’m thankful, so grateful you took the time to read my work and comment upon it! Thank you and I hope to hear more from you!

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