Tomorrow is Never Promised Today

This picture was taken right before I died and then was revived.

What would you do?

If you knew today was your last…

Who would you spend your time with?

Do you know? Do you know what you’d do?

What would you say?

Where would you go?


You never know the last time you’ll see or speak to a loved one

You never know when it’s your last hug or kiss, your last words, your last anything —

Cherish the people you love —

The people that make you thank whomever your God is above


The PRESENT is a gift

One we often forget

It’s not always clear, I know

Dickinson said: “Tell the truth but tell it slant” —

Sometimes life is slanted

Do me a favor. Life is too short, don’t take it for granted.


Cherish was one of my Papa and Grandma Lowe’s favorites. Anytime I hear it I think — THAT, that is what love is. To listen to more please visit my page:


  1. Difficult questions to answer. I’ve been close to death more than once. I have a friend who died twice and was revived. His memories of the experiences are fascinating. I hear you about you never know when, but when you are facing down death, a lot of what you thought matters all of a sudden doesn’t seem to matter. “Cherish the people you love” could not be better expressed. I always liked “Cherish”. I think we all long to be cherished.

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    1. I too, have been more than once as well. NDE’s are fascinating to me. It was true for me that much of what I thought was “important” was not present in my thoughts at those times.
      I think you are 100% correct. We ALL long to be cherished.


      1. NDEs are fascinating. Have you listened to Coast to Coast AM? It started with Art Bell years ago. I think George Noory still hosts it. I don’t know which station it was moved to out here, so I haven’t listened in years. I got the podcasts for a long time, but then we got to the point we didn’t have time to listen to them. At one point in 2010, both Laurie and I were really close to dying. That’s when you find out who’s on your side and who’s not (I discovered many of my family members wasn’t on our side); and you find out how strong your love and marriage is. Anyway, it’s amazing how near death and life after that gets in the way of things you used to do. That’s a lot of rambling to say Art Bell had great shows on NDEs.

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      2. I have not. I’ll definitely check it out, though! Thank you! Looks like there might be some stuff on YouTube. Yes, you’re absolutely correct! You do find out who’s on who’s side in situations such as those. You’ve had quite a journey, havent you?

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      3. Yes I have. Life has dealt both of us a few bad hands. In different ways, mind you. We both still suffer. In different ways, mind you. But we are strong. In different ways, mind you.

        We fight. We persevere like the Saints. And we carry on the best we can. We are standing above the ground. We appreciate the lives we have, and we cherish the ones we love. We are much the same in that way, I would say.

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  2. Provocative though and write. Hmmm after serious thought I believe I’d prefer no one know and then set out in hopes of meeting new people. If I was extremely lucky, I might think of something profound to say to them. Then later in the afternoon, I’d write as many humous goodbye letters I could. And I’d smoke a long missed cigarette, in a rocking chair on the front porch awaiting my hoped ascension.

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