Tree of Immortality

Inspired by three lovely ladies, We — Dickinson, Plath, and Me.

A Tree I am

Small but strong

My branches bend in the wind

They sway rustling a soulful song

These roots run deep

My leaves sometimes fall

But never a wind nor tornado

Never a strike of lightning will make

Nor a roar of thunder will shake

NO — None could create the worst thing of all

POISON. It drips salaciously from your lips

One drop is all it takes

One drop drips and death it makes

No other choice is given

One drop — One chop

The Tree that is Me becomes the pages your precious books are printed upon

The pages for the notes you play your music from

The very same pages I wrote this poem on

So, I will NEVER really be gone.

Line from Sylvia Plath’s, I Am Vertical


    1. Well, thank you very much! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my work. I couldn’t choose just 1 picture so I used them both. They sure are pretty, aren’t they? Actually, just learned of their beautiful existence: Jacaranda Trees.

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  1. I could just feel the strong impact at the end, all through the poem there was a tempo, which got oh so loud at the end! Beautifully written. I have never thought about it this way, a tree can live a thousand lives even after it dies.
    And the picture was just fabulous, quite mesmerising at it!

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  2. Hi Elenor,
    Lovely to read your beautiful writing and surprised it took this long to find you, Timothy was singing you praises and I too am a good friend of Jeffs. I’m now following you… visit something when you get a chance.

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    1. Hi there Cindy,
      Thank you so much. I’m very happy we finally connected! AAAAWWW…they are such sweethearts. Thank you for following me and I really appreciate you taking the time to read my post. Can’t wait to check out your blog!

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  3. Merhaba,

    “ben de yazıyorum, diyenler yazdı; biz siziz…”

    Şiir, Öykü, Deneme, Tefrika… Edebiyat, Felsefe, Psikoloji… Ekonomi, Muhasebe, Maliye… Etkinlik, Duyuru, Haber… diğer yazılarınız web sitemizde yayılacaktır.

    Yayınlanan her gönderi facebook, twitter, tumblr ve linkedln hesaplarımızda yayınlanır.

    Yayınlanacak metni adresimize mail gönderebilir ya da üye olarak sizler yayınlayabilirsiniz.


    1-Kişi hak ve hürriyetlerine saygılı dinî, siyasî ve her ne sebeple olursa olsun hakaret içermeyen her türlü yazı yayınlayabilirsiniz.

    2-Yazmak, yayınlamak, abone olmak, okumak, yorum yapmak, beğeni ve kaynak belirtilerek paylaşmak, ÜCRETSİZDİR.


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