Reflections of mirrored memories, the way things used to be, pondering the deep pools of possibility.

Upon reflection, I observe some disturbing elements in me

One being the inability to be free

Afraid to embrace whatever my journey 

Not afraid to fail, but afraid to make a move at all

Who will take the fall?

A Pawn, the Bishop, the Rook?

Where is my White Knight? Where is my King?

Why must I always sacrifice my Queen?

I stare at the chessboard that is my life

I ponder on my pain and strife 

There MUST be a reason

Otherwise, how could I endure each season?

I let my mind continue to wander

A dangerous act, I know

But what choice do I have

When I have nowhere else to go?

So, I listen to a melody only I can hear

Singing sweet dissonance in my ear

Mixed with the distant murmur of my heart’s ache

Haunted by foggy memories that linger and cloud my clarity

I say this with the utmost sincerity

Maybe my mirror is unlike any other of its’ kind because I do not see

The things they all claim to see in me

I take Dickinson’s sage advice, try to dwell in possibility

Yet, the world seems to have something else in mind

And the universe denies me the gift of tranquility

Tick Tick Tick goes my clock, still running out of time

Tread lightly, my dear

Reflections are like sunshine

Too much of either will burn you right up

Abandoning you in an inferno —

Red Hot. Out. Of. Luck.

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  1. How darkly does our reflections show us that which we don’t want to see? Sadly you sacrifice your queen to simple pawns. How can such brilliance be taken down by the mundane, base and simplest elements that have left you clinging to mere threads of life? To endure a never ending entanglement of reflections and memories that torment you, bind you, refusing to set you free. If only the fire would cleanse you of those demons and let you rise like a Phoenix from the ashes and fly, fly away to freedom. A free sprint that can let her brilliance shine, reflecting so brightly that no one will ever see anything obscurely through a looking glass again.

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  2. A riveting poem that was written with an understanding and insight. Are reflections simply to torment or to reveal what our next step should be from wisdom of the past. It’s a matter of perspective. you truly provoked something to discuss and look at as the clock ticks for all of us!

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