Yellow Butterfly

Fly, sweet delicate thing

She looked so soft and kind

Just like Her

Frail yellow shine, she hovered over the clover in between the headstones

Dancing in the summer wind like Nature’s Prima Ballerina

Taunting me with her beauty, regal she was, like Athena

Floating cheerfully and bright, when my heart was black as night

Just what are you so happy about? On THIS day, of all days — today.

No! Fly! Fly away, you sweet delicate thing

You don’t belong here anymore.

You don’t belong here anymore.

You don’t belong here anymore.


To this day, when all my hope washes away

I think of you and all the words I wish I could say

My tears begin to flow

My heart like wings, flutters — fast and slow

When unexpectedly, I see

A little yellow butterfly floating by — effortlessly

Flying — I know, just for me.

My Papa and Grandma in 1965 on the day he asked her to marry him. They were married for over 40 years!

My Blog Soundtrack Peek-a-Boo…Here’s the song I wrote this to: The Past Pushing Back, from the Hulu series, 11.22.63, based on the Stephen King novel.

In Remembrance of my Grandmother, Sharion June Lowe, died at age 59 waiting for a new liver.

My dear friends, please consider becoming an organ donor. It is a precious gift that many need and never receive. There is no greater gift than saving a life. Or to provide a second chance to another, to give someone back their sight, to be a blessing, not only to the recipient, but to their families. It is a magnanimous act, a priceless gift. As an organ donor, when you’re gone, you will leave a profound legacy and a part of you lives on.


  1. Oh, oh, oh, this poem brought me at the verge of crying. Everyone is a pretty little butterfly and we have to fly away. But the ones left behind suffer the most. My family has been discussing this since a long time, to pledge organs. What’s the use of them in a shell! The real self would be gone.
    Thanks for sharing this, I really appreciate.

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    1. Oh, now you’re making tear up, I need a kleenex. I am overjoyed to hear that your family has been discussing this. You’re 100% correct. Why burn or bury a body with perfectly good organs, when that ONE body could potentially help multiple people all over the world. Thank you for sharing this with me.
      It warms my heart. So many times I thought if more people would donate there wouldn’t be a shortage of donors — maybe she would have gotten a new liver and would still be here today. Thank you for reading, as always I appreciate your kindness and support. Your comments are a great source of support and encouragement. I hope you have a good day!

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  2. This poem is very deep and I ended it with my both eyes filled. Donating organ is need of hour and what can be more great than giving life through a dead person. If everyone start to donate there will be lesser or no death like this. Great poem with great message and I really feel sorry for her.

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  3. This is a lovely, heartfelt poem, Eleanor. I see a lot of butterflies out here and often follow them around. Excellent piece of music. Dynamic and eerie. I’m an organ donor if they be worth anything when I’m gone. I can’t donate blood because I was in Spain at then end of Mad Cow.

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      1. I was surprised to learn about the mad cow exposer = no blood donations. I learned that as part of the prep for a stem cell transplant I had in 2016. I also had to go to a psychiatrist as part of the prep, and learned that I was of sound mind. Another big surprise!

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      2. You would have to go back a ways to learn about it. I’ve been through two cancers. The first was the reason I started blogging in 2010. Once I was done with all the treatments from the first go-round, I changed the blog so it was associated with photography and writing, That gave me much more flexibility in posting whatever fit through thick and thin since 2010. I’ve been through different blog platforms, but I’ve been consistent posting daily on whichever platform I was on. I couldn’t imagine trying to keep a blog going that was cancer oriented. I had to move on.

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      3. People who grew up in north-central New Mexico really get it, “Not Even” is a very precular construction out here. The paper I’m presenting at the International Conference on construction Grammar in Antwerp, Belgium on the 20th is on the ethnosyntax of the peculiar grammatical constructions out here that are cultural identifiers by their use.

        Back to blogging, my blog was originally Photo of the Day, etc. because when I set it up Photo of the Day was taken, and Photo of the Day was a legitimate photo site. At some point they let Photo of the Day lapse and a porn aggregator picked up the domain name. I learned about that when a church member said he thought he was going to my blog and got a real eye full. He forgot to add the “etc” on the end of Photo of the Day. I changed the name of the blog not long after that. OF&NE is much more fun.

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  4. Wow, that nearly made me weepy!! That’s a gorgeous poem!! Love it!! It made my heart sink.

    And I’m definitely an organ donor upon death, which I hope is reflected on my driver’s license!!

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      1. bitter roots, dirges and laments. squeaky shoes on a clean floor and what is more teachers came to mass to pray for wisdom and piety from poor claire. is there anyone in there? lmao~

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  5. Gorgeous words, as always. Sorry for your loss. I’m an organ donor.
    It’s sweet that they hit up a photo booth on proposal day. And so happy, lovely snapshot of a young couple in love. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry. I am sorry to hear of your sad loss of your grandmother, especially while she was waiting for a liver transplant. Organ donors are true heroes. The waiting lists are long, I know. I did not expect to get a liver when I was waiting. So, it felt like a miracle to me when I did. I was blessed to share my hospital room with a living liver donor who was giving part of his liver to his sister-in-law. What an amazing person and a true hero.

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    1. Ronald, I am so touched! Thank you for your kind words and your condolences. I have goosebumps right now! Your story is truly a miracle! I feel so blessed that we connected and cannot tell you how much I appreciate you sharing your story with me! I was a match but I was too small and therefore, unable to be a living donor. You’re absolutely right, organ donors are TRUE HEROES! Living or deceased.


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