The Book Your Soul is Writing

It has been said that dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.

Marsha Norman, The Fortune Teller (1987)

I know, it’s a thinker, right?! Very deep. I can’t remember where I heard this quote but it definitely resonated with me!

There’s been several instances in my life where I’ve felt like my dreams have revealed hidden truths. Whether that’s purely the work of my subconscious or something more, I know not. However, the topic of dreams has occupied my interest since I was young. This quote captivated my interest, yet again. Exponentially. Perhaps, because of its’ poetic nature; that, and the fact that I feel we ALL have a book inside of us — it’s just a matter of if we have the courage to write it! I’m preaching to the choir…

So, my dear friends…I ask you yet another couple of questions…

What do you think this quote means? ✨ What does it mean to you?


  1. That could be a very frightening book, Indeed. A lot of trouble that book would cause, if it is simply the illustrations of your soul writing about you. I see dreams having various states. Depending on your spiritual sensitivities and how you are tuned to the paranormal, dreams can be an avenues for delivering messages from the supernatural be it corporeal or incorporeal visions and visitations. Dreams can defrag your brain, archiving unnecessary details that otherwise clog your memory, and help you to forget the unnecessary details and move on. It’s believed that people with total recall don’t experience defragging through dreams, and, therefore, they remember everything. I understand it’s a bit like a living hell. Dreams seem to manifest themselves out of anxieties, and they can be warnings and fortunetelling of the future. Dreams definitely have a function of your soul writing about your life, I would assume that might be especially acute if you aren’t perceptive to the paranormal or very well connected spiritually.

    I knew the moment our chief financial officer died in 2006. She appeared in a dream and told me to tell everyone she was alright. She frequented my dreams for about two years after she died. We had spiritual bonds through our mutual love of cats. I never had dreams of two other close friends who died within months of her. I still have dreams with my dad in them. I know he’s dead in the dreams, but we still do things together in the old house I had torn down in 2012. Sometimes his friends who were close to me are in the dreams. I don’t remember that I have been thinking about my dad before those dreams, but perhaps there is something in my subconscious that triggers him to enter my dreams. Most of my dreams that I remember are usually strange to bizarre. Although, there are times when I solve difficult problems in dreams. When I can remember the solutions and apply them in an alert state, sometimes the work, but not usually. Either I don’t remember enough of the dream, or the dream was delusional.

    I remember Steve Erwin, the Crocodile Hunter, said he had dreams of dying in a car wreck. He was killed by a Stringray, a fish not the car.

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    1. First of all, thank you for taking the time to make such a thorough and engaging comment.

      Yes! Yes, it could! I like your perspective on this, highly philosophical and reminiscent of an intriguing combination of flashbacks from my Epistemology and Metaphysics classes. It is interesting to me how people perceive dreams; it can also reveal some unique discourse. I’m certain Freud was rolling in his grave listening to some of my fellow classmates’ takes on dream interpretation. I agree that dreams seem to manifest themselves out of anxieties, as most of mine do. I also think they are greatly influenced by an individual’s beliefs or lack thereof with the paranormal and spiritual realms. From a purely biological standpoint, sleep cycles play a big part in an individual’s ability to dream at all.

      I find your stories fascinating and can draw some personal parallels. A professor had us keep a dream journal for a semester; it was quite an illuminating experience. I began to recall more of my dreams as each week passed and was able to identify some, but not all the triggers, associated with them. Many were incoherent and bizarre. Nonetheless, dreams remain a beautiful mystery.

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      1. Fascinating. Yes. And as you can image, if our dreams could publish books about what lies deep in our souls, oh how scary, troublesome and terrible those books would be.

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  2. 💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎

    💎 “Dreams” ARE 3DEnviroments in a 5DSlumberState EveryOne; basically “Dreams” use 3DMemories to Deliver Symbolism, Representations, Interpretations and Messages for Our EEP!!! (Energetic Evolution Process!!!) Assistance…a Word of Warning EveryOne; if YOU!!! Don’t Admit, Acknowledge and Address YOUR!!! Multiple Mental Health Issues from YOUR!!! Conditioned UpBringing YOUR!!! “Dreams” especially NIGHTMARES!!! WILL!!! Continue to FREAK YOU OUT!!!

    💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎


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  3. I believe this quote means to me and also shows how we are multidimensional beings living out many realities which crafts a cosmic book on our soul throughout time, beyond time. 🙏🏻🌹

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  4. I resonate with what you said, it can reveal things like healing, authentic desires, and intuitive messages! I also dream (re-live) aspects of what happens in my waking life! Perhaps it resonates with a deeper part of me and showed up in my dreams!

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      1. Yes, it feels deep, because there is so much meaning. It can feel wide, because of all the possibilities! Cool that you have had re-live dreams before as well! This is a practical interpretation of re-live dreams: my friend once told me that our brain sorts through the information at night, organizing them like a library. Never any recurring dreams! Only recurring people that show up! 🙂 And you?! Only if you would like to answer as well!

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  5. I love this quote. I’ve not seen it before, and it’s simple yet complex. I’ve wrestled with dream interpretation for a long time, and kept a dream journal at one point. I’m now wondering about the ways a book my soul writes about me may differ from the book I’m writing about myself.🤔💡

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  6. This post is wonderful, my dear❤️.
    Maybe a good answer is:
    “Dreams are more powerful than reality. How could it be otherwise, dreams are a higher truth, dreams are the soul of things”.
    William Shakespeare.

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  7. To answer DiosRaw, spiritualfantasia, and anyone else who’s interested in my answer:

    I must admit, this one has me stumped. That’s why I find it so intriguing. As the hot goddess said, it’s simple but complex. I think, in part, it means that our dreams can reveal hidden truths, could be our anxieties manifesting themselves, exposing suppressed memories, or perhaps, things we aren’t consciously aware of, but there’s still a lot more to unpack. I believe there’s a direct correlation between our subconscious and conscious mind that dictates how and what we dream. Furthermore, I believe all our dreams do mean something, it’s just a matter of if we take the time to interpret them. Like anything that requires interpretation and analysis, it takes time. Maybe that’s why my dream journal helped me to recall more of my dreams and to dream more frequently. I have a feeling the quote tries to convey the fact that we cannot, no matter how hard we try, escape our truth. Only the individual truly knows their own soul, the deepest part of themselves. If we are honest with ourselves, there’s something within us all that we fear, deny, or try to suppress.

    As Timothy said, it could be frightening. The book our soul is writing could be telling the truest truth we hold. Maybe our dreams are snippets, previews, excerpts. But really…who better to write a book about YOU than your Soul? However, raw and frightening it may be.

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  8. Interesting thought… More wonderful that you’ve carried this thought since young. “Dreams are a window to the unconscious” they say. Can never know how true it is.
    I see tsunami very often in my dream. Not just that, my dreams are far from pleasant.
    An interesting thought to ponder upon…

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