Pink vs. Blue

Someone reminded me of a poem I wrote a while back, “Pink Skies Up Ahead” and said my pink days were coming. Well, they can’t come soon enough! Sometimes those blue days get in my way, when they do I just need a bigger stick to make it through…

Pink Days up ahead

I know

But all my days go much too slow

I fight the blue ones off with a stick

And pray to God those pink skies come quick!


  1. I love the positive pinkness of your prayer. Fighting the blues seems a lifelong curse. While I have relatively few anxieties, I have plenty of battles with the blue beast that constantly grabs and nags as it tries to pull me down. Fortunately, there is plenty of sunshine and pink skies out here to help me beat the blue beast back.

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  2. Timothy, thank you! Always look forward to your comments, they are genuine and thoughtful, and at times, offer a beautifully unique perspective. I love the way you put that, “the blue beast.” How fitting…


  3. At times the pink and blue seem to meld together and make for a purple haze that looks to confuse us. In todays world of world-wide disease and a split is the politics and beliefs about this disease. We have a great burden to overcome and survive to keep this a free country where we can express our beliefs and ideas in these blogs and social media.
    Stay safe, mask up and get y’alls vaccine.

    The Old Man

    Bill Thomas

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