The Glass House of Fragility

Glass, I am

Handle with care

For fragile I am.


Throwing stones at me

Left and right

All day, all night

No reprieve. No hope in sight.


Why did I build my house this way?

I can’t sleep, I can’t run, I can’t stay.

I pray for this madness to STOP!

Every Day – For it to go far far away.


Please, Please, Please. GOD?!



Coming to the end of a rapidly fraying rope

Finding myself repeatedly unable to cope


Shouting at the top of my lungs






Begging and hoping for my screams

To Shatter —

Shatter ME —

This House of Fragility!


  1. “I can’t sleep, I can’t run, I can’t stay” and “Coming to the end of a rapidly fraying rope.” YES. Both of those things are what anxiety is to me. Not there yet but I will enter that realm soon enough.
    I hate that you suffer these things, but I am awed by your talent for expressing them.

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  2. Love you, we love you. We are all delicate beings, some have a coating of false hardness of others bare their vulnerability which is strength. ♥️🙏🏻

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    1. Thank you! I’ve come to find something unexpected here and for once it’s not scary or frustrating, quite the opposite. That something unexpected is friendship, support, encouragement, validation, affirmation. A sense of community. All these things I stumbled upon serendipitously couldn’t have come at a better and much needed time.

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  3. Sometimes the the most fragile thing is the only thing deep enough to carry all that heartache…
    the only thing deep enough to fill the best, rugged spaces between those mountains –
    the human mountains…
    the mountains that grow in human hearts…
    the mountains that summon wild, thundery monsoons from the gas-fuelled core of the cosmos
    seeding the wild lands of the heart with rivers
    and conjuring the churn of oceans with what a far more casual and unseeing world simply writes off as teardrops.

    Fragile things that hold unseen galaxies together behind their smile.

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