Stained Glass Song

~Dedicated to my special rose~

I find you there

Wrapped in the warm light of stained glass

I kneel and begin my private mass

A thousand facets of colored fractals surround us

We stand in the cathedral of my mind

Your voice echoes sweet serenity in kind

Sweeping steeples and tolling bells

Flickering candles and fragrant lilies

Singing a secret, whispering the song my heart tells

The Chapel of Thanksgiving Square, Glory Window Spiral Stained Glass Ceiling – Dallas, TX


  1. There are moments when a particular smile (the kind that reaches straight into your heart from every secret place in the whole Universe) will unfold itself, in the most hertbrekingly fragile beauty, from the most unexpected place… and light up all the gazillion things you still wanted to be.

    This is kinda like that. Times oodles.

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  2. Oh my, how touching my precious lily, I have such love for you and admire how thoughtful you are. Tears prick my eyes, thank you Eleanor, I am grateful for having a friend as you. Deeply touching. ♥️🙏🏻

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  3. You are most welcome! It’s my humble gift to you and if anyone is deserving of a poem in their honor, ’tis you. Oh, you got me right off the bat with the “my precious lily” I need to go get some Kleenex. I’m so glad you liked it.

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