Distilled Tenacity

An Ethics Philosophy professor once asked me: What is a life worth living to you? I replied: A life worth living is possessing an intellectually curious mind that is supremely opposed to the notions of complacency and indifference.

Pretty ambitions.

Gorgeous intentions.

Shiny and new.

Those who possess them

We are rare, we are few.

Relentless, fierce, and a little eccentric.

Frequently painted as esoteric.

We strive to be flawless in all we do — despite the futility,

Which others perceive as an act lacking in humility.

The critics look down on us and judge our gorgeous intentions.

Yet, their idle opinions never deter us from our pretty ambitions.

Some choose to watch, to let others build their own creations,

While the rare and the few, take action and participate.

Participants choose to be the masters of their own fate.

They trust themselves enough — to think — to create.

Spectators settle and wait for things to happen to them —

Almost blatantly.

While Participants go out and happen to things —

Always tenaciously!

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