If You Write It, They Will Come

Come read the words that flow from my heart, observe my humble start.

Come take a peek at the pieces of my mind, the thoughts that escape it from inside.

Come forth to hear the song of my soul, notes ranging — from high to low.

These are the words that came to me the very day I created my blog. Three sentences on a blank sheet of paper, then I decided to take the plunge. I knew I would enjoy this journey. What I did not expect was how inspiring it would be, not just for my followers, but for myself and how it slowly churned my creativity.

I’m grateful to every single individual that takes the time to read You Lil Dickens: Words to Think On. Though my blog is but a little thing, I enjoy it quite A LOT! It’s often the case that the little things in this life are what mean the most.


    1. Well said, Island Traveler! I really appreciate you! Since I don’t have any social media, getting traffic is rather challenging and at first was incredibly discouraging.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. It’s so exciting and encouraging when I get comments and feedback. Maybe it’ll just take some time to build up my follower base.

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