Fragments of the person I wanted to be.




In front of me.

Fragments of my mind I left behind.



Unable to rewind.

Sweet dissonance before us—

As far as our eyes can see.

Yet, there is something more that begs and compels me.

The Art of Acceptance eludes my soul

The official song of recompense

A plague of unknowing – roll, roll.

I remain a puzzle – Unfinished.

Delicate pieces – forever lost.

The act of completion comes at such a high cost.

Left in constant wonder – Unable to love.

My heart – never freely given.

Broken too many times to count.

Draped in my shame and self-doubt.

Gather, gather, gather Myself to pick up the parts not interwoven.

Not one moment – Not one sliver of hope within me.


Because I cannot abide the fragments of myself I have routinely chosen to cast aside.

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