Tyrant Clock

My heart was once whole

My mind is always a tyrant

My soul is my friend, my shadow


Unfounded — the call

Unheard — the echo

Unwanted — shame befalls me


I trust — no one

I believe — in my own way

I think — too much!


Tick Tock

Goes the tyranny I hold

Chiming intervals begin a story untold


Tick Tock

My mind — the tyrant clock

Tells the hour — a time only my soul can know


  1. Your fears and anxieties aside, you are a noteworthy artist. Is it possible to suggest; many of the great artists in this life suffered the pains of fear and anxiety? Did they find measures of relief in their gift of creativity? I can only say with certainty, your gift is a balm of healing. Blessings, Peter

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    1. An artist. That is the first time I have ever been called an artist. Just gonna let that sink in. Mmmmm…..thank you! I do not feel worthy of the title. Not yet, at least.

      You are absolutely correct. Some argue that chaos, pain, and suffering are fuel to a writer’s fire. Of course, history does confirm such things. Many artists of all kinds faced various demons, a few can turn those demons into something constructive and creative. I appreciate the compliment of my work being a gift and a balm of healing. This puts a BIG smile on my face and makes my heart cheerful! Thank you, Peter. XOXO, Eleanor


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