Heart Huntress

Will someone, please, say my name?!

Call on me… Pick me…

I don’t need your sympathy

I just want to be part of something

Can you the smell the desperation on me?

For once, I want more than just what I need

I want what I want — my heart needs to feed


Searching for someone to warm my soul

Someone who wants something that wants to grow

Shouldn’t be that hard, right?

Right. Mmm hmm…

Come on, let’s go, dance to the beat of your own drum

Bada Bum Bum Bum


Looking for someone to take my breath away

Under no obligation to always know what to say

I do evaluate differently

To see if you meet my requirements sufficiently

My, my — I won’t let my past haunt me

By and by — I will find somebody


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