Window Worlds

Time is a river

Time always delivers

Time is not kind

Won’t let you erase and rewind

There’s no turning the clock back

But I hear the ticking fade and 3 windows beckon me

With a raspy whisper — Come and see, come and see!

Glancing at them I knew a decision must be made

The whispers are taunting me — come and see!

Behold the three windows, look into each one carefully

One was my ideal life, the other my love and I together

Another window world led to a life that could be


What a relief it would be to finally have the life I’ve always wanted

How humbling to see the hopes and desires of another

A glimpse into their world for just a moment

Impossible to see every component

But spectacular views, indeed!

I close my eyes, painting the picture with bright hues

Wondering which window world should I choose?

Window No. 3 the window world to a life that could be!

Tears trickle down my face — a brand new start for me!


Yet, I cannot open the window

The universe is pushing back

Hard rain hits the glass, thunder rattles

The window and me

My avoidance doesn’t help either

I am the Keeper, rub it in deeper

I know no one else can do this for me


Everything I ever wanted is behind that glass

I am faced with the overwhelming gift of possibility

Possibility is so immense — a gift so intense

I choose Window World No. 3!

The window flung open this time like the turn of a key

Duck, deep breath — I step through Window World No. 3

Not knowing what’s in store for me

I close my eyes, then look to the sky

Choosing to “not know” because

I don’t need the script to every one of my shows

Going to take Papa’s advice:

Enjoy the journey! Remember to stop and smell the roses along the way!


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