What will it be today, Scribbler?

Perhaps a sonnet or psalm

Something radiating beauty and calm


Do you think you stand a chance against the rest?

You just might be able to pass the test

I can hear your gears turning as you toil


Can you give us a line or two?

Show us what to expect from someone like you

I’ve given you the floor, I have given the queue


I’d rather hold off, if it’s all the same to you

It’s a work in progress

Why must you seek to oppress?


Scribbler, we wait with bated breath

Produce it now or face your death

Surely, motivation enough — No?


To rush creativity is a grievous sin

You cannot will life into my pen

Your threats are lost on me, I fear them not

There is a secret in every scribbler’s soul

Their burden of purpose weighs heavy, it takes a toll

Nevertheless, write they must

Scribblers write for all of us!


  1. Made me thing of Bartleby, but then I remembered he was a scrivener, not a scribbler, and he preferred not to do either. He did not produce, faced death and died. No amount scriving or scribbling or lack thereof could save him. “Ah Bartleby! Ah humanity!”

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      1. I think that is a bit exagerated. But I’m so honored you think so. From the Antichrist to the coolest person on earth is like totally epic.

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