These Small Hands

Words come to me in the night

And these small hands write this

Burning bright like a candle in the wind

Coming at me like a beautiful dream

Melting like sweet ice cream

Am I really what I seem?


Taking shape my pencil flies

My heart leaps into my skies

Into the blue, a world brand new

Day after day deeper I grew

Listening for something I already knew

Am I really what I seem?


Looking down at these small hands

Wondering and writing

Creativity so inviting

Words fly right by me

Reaching for every literary firefly I see

Am I really what I seem?

Looking down at these small hands, I know who I am and that’s good enough for me!


      1. Thank you. You won’t believe this. I finished a very detailed response then hit post and it asked me to login and then it disappeared. UGH, seriously?! OMG. I am thoroughly frustrated but after reading your answers equally, if not more, intrigued!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. It might seem corny, but I started thinking about identity, and a Latin quote from The Matrix, first movie in the trilogy, the latin quote above the entryway to the oracle’s kitchen. Then, I started thinking about mental health: one of my diagnoses was borderline, and often individuals diagnosed as such have complications putting the fragments of who they are into a wholly imagined self-portrait of themselves, like looking at fragmented mirrors. Two images stick out to me: the small hands, and the candle in the wind, which suggests a small window of time, to me. There is an airy quality that makes me think of winter, a breathiness, and find myself seeking objects to grab hold of. Thank you, for sharing your words, and a little welcome of me to you at your blog. Looking forward to your future posts.

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    1. Wow, where do I start? What an amazing and thoughtful comment. I am so grateful. Thank you for your kind words. They mean so much. The fact that you picked up on all that speaks volumes. I mean, you nailed it! 😉 I’m glad you and I connected and I greatly anticipate hearing what you have to say in the future. You are delightful!

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