Flickers of Atonement

Redemption is on the horizon.

Fear eclipses truth

Logic demands proof

Confess before it’s too late

The end is nigh

For you — for me

Tempests of destruction — we

Nothing gained, nothing lost

Yet we will pay the lofty cost

Fires of the mind burning bright

Flickers of atonement within sight


      1. You deliver the goods on philosphy and deep thinking, which are always a pleasure to tangle with. Your tales of whoa are not so easy to deal with.

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  1. Fear is the essence of the unknown

    Logic is an absolute and will be

    Confess that you fear the unknown will relieve some of the fear

    The end will come when it’s time

    For all it will be as it should

    Tempests of destruction —we can avoid if we have truth

    Nothing ventured nothing gained or lost

    Yet we will pay cost if the venture is untrue

    Fires of the mind help us discover the truth

    Atonement will result in the truth

    Thoughts of “The Old Man”

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  2. If atonement were necessary, who hath it within their reach? The purveyors of atonement make their offers on the street corners, but their cries are drowned by wisdom who beckons all to receive her and live forever.
    Layde Eleanor, thou art a genius indeed. Thank you for the challenging share. Blessings, peter.

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    1. Oh, Peter. Thank you for your fantastic comment! I don’t know about genius! I’m not the one who so succinctly spoke of atonement in a single sentence! That. That is talent! I admire and respect the mind that these words flow from. Iron sharpens iron, my friend.


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