Sparkling Souls

For those souls who are wearing thin

The world keeps spinning

Hearts keep aching and breaking

For those souls unknown 

Invisible in the wind, stuck in between

Fragile vulnerability is all you know

For those souls so blind they cannot see

Damage is done. Now what? 


For those souls who come back

Brave, witty, and wise

To give their precious life a try

Dale Chihuly

For those souls who don’t know what they want to be

Look towards the diamond light

Be ready to fight

For those sparkling souls reflecting warmth

Forward finding the truth like flakes of gold

Leaving the dark dust of the past in the cold


  1. So many souls lost, wearing thin, unknown, in limbo, and seeking warmth. We pray they become bold, take hold, and find their way. You have summed it up so very well for so many troubled souls.

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