Whiskey and Manuka Honey

Whiskey and Manuka Honey

Tend to help the creative side of me

Oh! Feeling a bit Hemingway today

There’s no point trying to fight it, I always say.

Empty shells fresh from their cylinder cells

Cold hard steel

It is all that I feel.

Hazy thoughts and mixed emotions

Wishing my tea was some kind of potion

To break the spell

To break me out of my self-inflicted hell.

Distant, I am. So far away —

I am a rope — frayed

A chip in a cup

A rip in the seam


Remnants of parts to an old whole


  1. If you go into a bar to order your Whiskey and Manuka Honey, and the bartender refuses to serve you because you are a rope, walk out, tie yourself in a knot, go back into the bar, and order again. If the bartender asks if you were that rope that was just in, you can say “No! I’m a frayed knot!”

    You are a chipper chip, and it “seams” like could certainly be ripped (imaging a body builder’s pose), no matter how unraveled you feel you are.

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      1. It’s an old joke that seemed so appropriate since you are having a roped-in moment. Speaking of ropes, did you ever do roping in your farmgirl daze?

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      2. Your dad probably didn’t want you to have anything you could ride that was faster than he was. If you had a good bond with a horse, and you got a beating anywhere near that horse, it would have come to your rescue. It’s too bad you didn’t have horses. I would say it was intentional.

        We did have horses until my teen years. I rode a lot. I never learned to rope, but I did do some barrel racing. I’m surprised I survived horses. I took some really hard tumbles of off them since I almost always rode bareback. I had a crappy saddle and didn’t have the patience to saddle up my horses. I put a bridle on, jumped on bareback and took off like the wind.

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  2. Days like these teach us so much – sometimes too much! Frayed and chipped – I do believe imperfections are perfectly beautiful. They reveal our humanness, our vulnerability. Tomorrow is a new day. Best to you, Eleanor.

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  3. A chip in the cup has great character!

    I’m addicted to black coffee and honey these days. Never liked the taste before. Interesting how our taste buds transition to different flavours. The connection between the taste bud and the mind is a story for another day.

    Hope you feel perky soon!

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