The Cerebral Woman

Got a brain like a gun

Can you hear me coming, my incessant buzzing?

Can you hear my gears uh-turning?
Hmmm, ain’t that something?

My Hamster Wheel Brain goes round and round

Flawed Social Butterfly
Float about all around the room
Stick the ending with a bee's SSSS-TING!

Societies’ Chameleon
An ability that I wish I didn’t have
What's more 

I don’t let sleeping dogs lie
I’m just not that way
I always have something to say
When I need or want something
I am a bulldog on a pork chop 
Honestly, still don’t know when to stop

I’m neurotic as hell — YES!
Abnormally efficient at my best
A force of nature, I used to be
Looking in a mirror held before me
Now, now I am someone I don’t recognize
Wake up! Admit it! Don't you see it too!?
Well — stop feigning with ignorance. Damn it!

Transparency really is dead
But Pride is very much alive, I've said
Perhaps, I have been too proud and naive 
Whatever I have become to shine, I will do so brilliantly
I refuse to sacrifice my authenticity 
Most of all, I refuse to apologize for being me!


  1. The real me is authentic, I’ve been given to understand by the gurus. Created in my mother’s womb at my conception. To this day free of effects from anything that has happened in my life. Perfect in every respect, so I’ve been given to understand by the gurus. If I believe what the gurus tell (and I do) then I’ve found the authentic me, the most sought-after gift! Blessings, Peter.

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