An Enigma: How Am I Steel & Sand?

Carolina Beach Holiday Sandcastle Competition: Dec. 12th - Wilmington NC -

In some moments, I am stronger than steel shocking those around with my strength. Other times, I crumble like sand slipping through my hands.

Do you ever find yourself this way?


  1. πŸ’œ I AM a Diamond EveryOne; pure carbon forged in the heat and pressure of Abuse by family, ex-spouse, dormant friends and, of course, MySelf Abuse EveryBody, caveat Being Abuse is a Matter of Perspective


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  2. Indeed. I think we can all relate, Eleanor. Part of being a human being on this planet. For me, what matters is being patient with myself if I do β€œcrumble”, as to not have patience will only deepen the crumbling. πŸ’™πŸ™

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  3. I think I am like earth as the earth is okay in all seasons and climate i try to be good at all kind of situations and also am like a steel glass no matter what is in the glass it can never be seen from outside coz of steel same as my emotions no matter what my heart is suffering I am good at hiding my emotions..

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  4. Hello Eleanor, so enjoy having you in the driving seat πŸ™‚ Maybe my ‘stiff upper lip’ mentality, keeps me consistent. I don’t place any value jugement on this statement, it’s simply as it is. I’m comfortable with this, accepting we’re all different, no one better than another and we all have choice. Blessings, Peter. P.S. Thank you for all the likes and comments, appreciate those.

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  5. Very well said, Eleanor! I think every other person can relate to this. We’re all sandbags enclosed in a steel container, just waiting for the right force to pierce the wall and let the sand flow πŸ™‚

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  6. Often my friend. It’s nice to read a post that relates to its reader. We have so many social media platforms that seems to be living in a make believe world of amazing and all fun and beautiful. Real people go trough real people ups and downs. One day we are on cloud 9, other day we a crashing down with no one to catch us. Just saw a sand dollar this week. It was intact but has blemishes. It was beautiful but was proud to show its flaws. It’s being real to itself, and I respect that a lot.


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