Wonderland War

Dedicated to My Joe, Lily Lorelai June, and Oliver Henry James

I’d gladly bring the circus to you, a bag of peanuts too

Anything to make you smile. Anything for you.

Ladies and Gentlemen — Boys and Girls — Welcome to the Show!

The Ringmaster bellows…

You’re in for a treat, my fine gals, and fellows!

The spotlight shines bright

I make my grand entrance and take my first step of the night

High above the crowd in the big top

On the tightrope, I walk

What a magnificent view and I fear not!

I know you’d catch me if I fall, so I don’t worry, not at all!

Now, I’m a lion jumping through great hoops of fire

Then, a contortionist putting on a shiny sparkling spectacle

In one motion, I front flip and twist off the top of my pedestal

Stick my landing, begin to bend, and twist my limbs like mysterious tentacles

Somersault and stand with my arms held high, nodding gently to each side

I catch a silver baton in each hand, holding them out.

And then — BOOSH! BOOSH!

The crowd went wild, staring in awe of the spinning and flipping of my flaming batons

The titillation of the percussion dissipates and stops — abruptly.

As I blow out each one, all is darkness. Until —

The spotlight finds me again, as an acrobat flying high, floating from one trapeze to another

The audience erupts with applause — roaring and trilling oohs and aahs

The jugglers begin their routines as I go backstage

Paint my face and put on my elegant iridescent wings

I reappear donning my butterfly costume. Smiling, wings spread, lighting up the room.

Darkness falls once more but a colorful strobe of flashes follow

Every performer gathers in the Arena —

Here I come, twirling passionately round and round — a Prima Ballerina

Then, delicately fade away. I pirouette — once, twice, thrice

One last wardrobe change, I flit and flutter with a group of mythical sprites

Dancing in a shower of glitter and brightly colored lights.

It’s all a part of my master plan

To make you smile — always and forever

A circus full of whimsy — a powerful endeavor

To show you the magical wonder of the world you could create with me

To open your eyes to everything that we can be

Look! We can have it all! See!

Sometimes, you have to fight the Wonderland War to be FREE

Why are we waiting to make our dreams a reality?


Live life passionately. Dream BIG. Remember, you can ALWAYS find a way.


If you like this song and want to hear more, please visit the My Blog Soundtrack: Songs I Write To Page: https://youlildickens.com/my-blog-soundtrack-songs-i-write-to/


  1. Phew! Your dreams didn’t let you down. You remained free to pursue your dreams to make them into reality. You put on a wonderful show, Eleanor. Bravo.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Everything you write is fun and interesting. But it also reminds me of some important things in life that I haven’t paid attention to lately. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my dear. ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

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