Clock of Serendipity

Luck to be a lady, luck to be me, maybe…

Who knew?

Of all the people — you.

In an unexpected stroke of Irish luck

The clock of serendipity struck


What’s going on?

Stuff like this doesn’t happen to me

How could this be?

What’s going on?


Like I’ve said before 

I don’t have bad luck

I have NO luck at all

Waiting for the other shoe to fall


Any minute now, any minute now.


Besides —

There are so many obstacles

Between me and you

Very few solutions too


Got me thinking that

Life is too short to settle for all this loneliness and sorrow

Constantly being worried about tomorrow

A tomorrow that is always lacking


Let me be your Marilyn Monroe

You can be my Joe DiMaggio

Watch my imagination continues to ebb and flow

Makes me want to know

Within the words of Kennedy, perhaps, we can find a possible remedy —

If not us, who?

If not now, when?


  1. Even one “Born under a bad sign” is fortunate to be a lady. A beautiful lady at that. A lovely lady who would make old Blue Eyes sing again and again “Stick with me, baby. I’m the guy that you came in with… Lucky to be a lady tonight!” And you would say “You’re luckier to be a guy who is with me tonight. You are lucky to be with a lady tonight!”

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  2. How about this:
    The harder I practice, the luckier I get
    The more I practice, the luckier I get.
    The more they put out, the more luck they have.
    The harder he works, the luckier he gets.
    The more you know, the more luck you have.

    Eleanor, you may not consider yourself to be lucky, but to be sure:
    * You practice hard.
    * You practice.
    * You put out.
    * You work hard.
    * You know a huge amount.

    Lady Luck must be stalking you very close….

    “…May the sun shine warm on your face, The rains fall soft upon your fields…”

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    1. Peter, I’m shocked and paralyzed with happiness! You reminded me of a memory that is so very precious to me. I sang a solo in a concert choir when I was a teenager…it was a rendition of this stunning Irish Blessing. I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know! Thank you, my dear friend.


      1. I tend to feel socially awkward a lot. So I attempt to keep my comments as few as possible. I’m a particular cup of coffee so I feel like I have to get a feel for someone before I really be myself around them. Hopefully this makes sense…

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