All Hail to Freedom

Dedicated to all those lost souls in need of their own great flight! Do not fear that your wings don’t exist, like faith in anything, just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there, cher ami – dear friend.

XOXO, Eleanor

Fly, cher ami

Defy the odds and float above us all

Hover like iridescent hummingbirds

Be bright bumble bees among the sweet Roses and Lilies


Fly high, dear friend

See how our world looks from the amethyst heavens

Smell the sweetness of a rainbow

Feel the soft caress of the clouds on your cheek


Fly, cher ami

Do not fear nor cry another tear

Smile with joy — genuinely

Laugh with your whole body and soul


Fly away, dear friend

From the negativity

If only for a moment

Let yourself soar — spread your beautiful wings


Fly, cher ami

Do not be afraid

Flutter like a Butterly — a Monarch or Bold British Blue

Hail to Your Wings!

All hail to the FREEDOM they bring!


  1. I feel the echoes of places flown in this…
    flown in conversation as much as in wingbeats.
    I feel the love you catch
    and weave back so open-heartedly into the places where you found it.

    Such a deep privilege for those of us who get to fly with you.

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