A Piece of Sky that Fell To Earth

There is a Native American legend about the beautiful stone of turquoise. It is said that Mother Earth bestowed “the sky stone” upon them as a blessing after praying for rain. They believed the stone to be a piece of sky that fell to the earth. Turquoise remains to be a sacred symbol of protection and good fortune; it’s also referred to by medicine men as “the stone of life.”

I once had the pleasure of visiting The Hopi Reservation in the state of Arizona. When we first arrived, I saw an elderly stoic woman sitting on a stool outside wearing the most beautiful turquoise jewelry I had ever seen. She was so still, with only her hair blowing in the wind — she looked like a painting come to life! Our guide explained that the Hopi were known as the peaceful ones of the Painted Desert. Ever since, I have admired turquoise in a whole new light and it conjures such a happy and poetic memory.

Gorgeous hues of green and blue
Adorn the wise lady of the Painted Desert
Bright and brilliant her scarlet skirt
Hair once black as a raven

Now wisps of silent silver
Though I know her not, she

radiates familiar
Stoic upon a stool shielded by her tribe’s sacred symbol


  1. Your poem is beautiful and encapsulates your memory strikingly! This post catches my attention because just today in the afternoon I was reading this Scripture with my daughter:

    Isa 54:11-13
    “You poor city. Storms have hurt you,
    and you have not been comforted.
    But I will rebuild you with turquoise stones,
    and I will build your foundations with sapphires.
    12 I will use rubies to build your walls
    and shining jewels for the gates
    and precious jewels for all your outer walls.
    13 All your children will be taught by the Lord,
    and they will have much peace.

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