Soul Surrender

Listen to yourself, every part, but remember in the end it’s your Soul that will reveal your brand new start!

Yours Truly

Skipping stones

Across the Irish Sea

Standing on the banks waiting for the water to speak to thee

Splashing back and forth like a cruel unchanging mock

Of your Mind, your Heart, your Soul—in an unsettling gridlock

Each one in a helpless conflict

And the Mind itself remains a mystery

You find yourself floundering, yet in an act of hesitant bravery

Following your Heart but it grew too heavy to hold itself together

Alas! You see—all that is left is the Soul that must surrender!


  1. And then you encounter a soul that changes everything…

    and makes surrender a whole new deal.

    I mean…
    you’ve wandered into the deepest dreams I have ever had…
    with your own.

    And with a smile that sits directly on your heart.

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    1. I wish I could ask the sea what I should do. Where I should be. But I’m landlocked at the moment. I’m very happy to enjoyed the poem! Thank you for commenting it helps me stay on track and feel encouraged. Appreciate you!

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