1. Hi Eleanor, I see you as a good friend of Dios. Very pleased to receive you to my world. Coming to your question; one should know the ‘self’ the best. If the reminder is a healer to the sensitive mind and it’s making one stronger, I think one should have it. If the reminder breaks one’s sensitive mind then ought to burn it.Cheers!

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    1. Hello Niyathy, I am. She is a treasure. I am very glad to have connected with you. Thank you for your kind sweet words. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. If I may, ask another. What if the reminder does both and it fluctuates between stronger and breaking? What then, my friend?

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      1. Hi my fellow spiritual traveller, thank you very much for sharing some yummy food for thought. Well, coming to the subject; if the reminder does both, one has to treasure the reminder by appreciating the stronger side and observe the breaking side with utmost patience that eventually that pain will be accepted as the essential part of survival, even as a pleasure. True, DiosRaw, is a gem of a person, I am blessed! Thank you, Eleanor.

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  2. Oh man… this is the kind of cr*p life excels at throwing our way sometimes.

    I guess it depends on what it is, but… From what I have seen when reading your work and exchanging comments, I ‘d say you have a decent shot at finding something new… perhaps something you could grow to want more, though I guess it might be a tough ride, and not an easy one to believe right now (and I say that from my own experience).

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  3. I vote removing the reminder, but that’s based on my own recent experience of loss. This is so broad that it would be helpful to know more details in forming an answer. On the other hand, mystery is kind of fun.

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    1. Yeah, it is rather broad a topic. I posted that uncharacteristically fast, dare I say without giving it a 2ND THOUGHT!!! I appreciate your perceptiveness. Equally as uncharacteristic, I will have to refrain from elaborating. I can tell you, the news will eventually break, I’ll spill the proverbial beans. Hopefully, sooner rather than later.

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  4. I will choose the reminder of something that u cannot have any single day coz that thing will stuck in my mind and no matter wht I do I will just want it no matter how😊😌

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  5. I believe I would rather be reminded of something you cannot have every single day. With thought of it being there gives hope to the ways of the world where there is a chance for change. So many things do have changes over the years, and who knows, one of those might be the possibility of the change making it possible for you to obtain that something that was obtainable in the past.

    Hope springs eternal, so keep hope in your wishes and joy in your heart.

    The Old Man

    Bill Thomas

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    1. Thank you for reading and for offering such wonderful words of wisdom, they really resonated with me. I appreciate you taking the time, Bill. I hope to hear more from you in the future!

      This Old Soul

      Eleanor Lorene Lowe


  6. I started to make a comment, but then instead did something uncharacteristic for me and read the comments already here. That told me it isn’t a thing but a place. For me, I keep the reminders, I may never visit those places again, but I have the memories of past times. Those help offset the longing and offer an incentive and hope for changed circumstances to where I will be able to return someday to make new memories.

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